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GDPR - October 17, 2019

WireWheel Whitepaper: 5 Key Steps to Managing Subject Right Requests

One of the most fundamental and most challenging requirements within the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the issue of Subject Rights Requests (SRR). As CCPA becomes operative in 2020, many businesses are expecting an influx of requests and worry that their current process isn’t built for the scale and scope needed.

SRRs must be managed efficiently and securely to avoid significant financial and business risk. Preparing for SRRs under CCPA must be
a collaborative effort among data privacy officers, information technol- ogy teams, and business leaders.

This eBook provides a framework for SRRs that balances individual rights provided under CCPA with the realities businesses face when working to satisfy them. You can use this framework as a deci- sion-making tool as you create your SRR process. What’s more, having SRR requirements in mind can also guide how you select services and vendors, develop products, and make choices about personal data you collect and use.

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