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GDPR - April 3, 2020

Video conferencing in the age of Covid-19 — don’t forget privacy

As the popularity of video conferencing apps soar, it’s important we remember security and privacy.

Even the UK Cabinet is using Zoom now — recently the UK government sent out a photo of a Zoom meeting with the most senior politicians in the land. And now we know a lot more about them. We have an inkling concerning what their homes are like, their preferred choice in books, the colour of their wall paper. We also know that one member of the meeting was represented by an anonymous looking iPhone image — who was that? Dominic Cummings, perhaps?

Before we lavish too much praise on apps that help communications in these difficult times, consider the privacy and security implications.

One person who has been doing precisely that is Jake Moore, cyber security specialist at ESET.

“As video calls increase, we really need to take moment away from this new normal and look into the privacy conundrum that goes in parallel with free apps,” he said. 

He continued: “We must remember that free apps share data and often without our knowledge, unless of course you read the privacy policy but who does that? Therefore, our personal data is often the price for using such platforms.

“End to end encrypted video platforms exist and offer more privacy based communications but I tend to find that the majority of people don’t initially think about their personal security or privacy when it comes to conference calling. This is even a first for many people too. 

“For social and light business meetings they are fine as long as users realise what data is being shared by Zoom to third parties and that they could potentially be intercepted by bombers or more illegitimate parties. I certainly wouldn’t recommend using free software for sensitive or private meetings.”

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