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GDPR - November 8, 2019

Unlock compliant data governance at European Data Protection Summit Manchester

European Data Protection Summit (EUDPS) Manchester presents two days of content-rich keynote talks and panel debates designed to address the most pressing business issues on today’s data privacy landscape.

Coming to Manchester’s Victorian Warehouse on November 13th and 14th, delegates at EUDPS can share knowledge, experience and ideas while learning from industry experts about how to implement new laws governing data handling practice today.

Understanding good data governance

Traditionally, data privacy and cybersecurity stand as separate issues on paper, as in the past each has called for separate sets of processes and skills. But digitisation and tighter data handling laws have pushed these two fundamentals closer together.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation has forced organisations to adopt new technical and structural measures to protect the personal data in their possession. Data privacy and cybersecurity have merged as a result, as organisations engender the “privacy by design and default” at the heart of the GDPR.

But more needs to be done – a recent Capgemini survey of over 1,000 compliance, privacy and data professionals found that “less than 30% believe they’re fully GDPR compliant.” One thing is clear – the magnitude of dealing with a combined privacy and cybersecurity management programme is proving troublesome for many.

Avoid confusion, achieve clarity and compliance

Exclusively at EUDPS Manchester, Natasha Warner will be explaining how to create a successful privacy governance framework, so that business teams can collaborate to meet the obligations of evolving data laws in a way that boosts efficiency for the modern age.

Natasha is Head of Privacy and Information Management at Direct Line Group. She joined DLG in 2017 from EY, where she spent five years working with large organisations on privacy and information management programmes.

Natasha is an experienced data privacy practitioner with industry experience in utilities, commercial products and financial services and worked for British Gas and Diageo as a Data Protection Manager.

She has a Masters in Information Rights Law, and is a Fellow of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, a Certified Information Privacy Processional/Europe, Certified Information Privacy Technologist, Certified Information Privacy Manager and ISO/ICE27001 Lead Implementer.

Also speaking at EUDPS:

  • Ivana Bartoletti, Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Gemserv
  • Steve Wright, GDPR Advisor at Bank of England
  • Tash Whitaker, Global Data Privacy Director at Whitaker Solutions Ltd
  • Iain Bourne, Head of Personal Information and Privacy at Grant Thornton
  • Simon Hall, Freelance Privacy Consultant & DPO Coach
  • Greg Van Der Gaast, Head of Information Security at University of Salford Manchester
  • Victoria Guilloit, Partner at PrivacyCulture
  • Fedelma Good, Director, Data Protection Strategy, Legal & Compliance Services at PWC
  • Abigail Dubiniecki, Founder at Strategic Compliance Consulting
  • Hellen Beveridge, Data Protection Lead at Oversight.

And many more

Among agenda topics discussed at EUDPS Manchester

  • Data Protection in the 2019: Where are we in the Global Privacy Landscape?
  • Privacy in the era of emerging technologies, AI, robotics, big data and algorithms
  • Cookies Best Practice
  • Video surveillance and privacy
  • Creating a Global Privacy Programme in an Evolving Regulatory Environment
  • InfoSec and its support of information governance
  • Leveraging Threat Intelligence for Cyber Resilience and Data Protection
  • Lessons learned from the Marriott data breach
  • Privacy and the IoT, issues and challenges
  • Data protection and privacy and the Brexit deal
  • The case for EU Representatives after Brexit

A timely opportunity to learn

European Data Protection Summit Manchester provides the perfect forum for developing business strategy in a way that nurtures data protection, so that a responsible approach to data handling takes hold through every level of business.

Join our community of data protection, privacy, governance and security professionals to network, share knowledge, tools and insights at European Data Protection Summit Manchester.

Register for EUDPS Manchester today!

Event details

European Data Protection Summit Manchester

Where: Victorian Warehouse, Manchester

When: 13th & 14th November 2019

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