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GDPR - September 20, 2019

PrivSec:Report Weekly Roundup

Each week, PrivSec:Report presents the top 5 headlines from the week’s news and upcoming events in the privacy and security industry. This week it’s been revealed that vulnerabilities in IoT devices have doubled since 2013 and Obama took to the stage in San Francisco to discuss Big Data and organisations responsibilities.

What password?
This week started with a security researcher revealing that Apple’s iOS 13 can be bypassed. The updated operating system hasn’t been released for general use yet but it was discovered in the beta version. In a video, the security researcher reveals how it’s done, and shows that the contact list can be accessed without having to unlock the phone. Read the full story here.

It can’t be that easy…right?
A follow-up study released this week reveals that vulnerabilities in IoT devices have more than doubled since 2013. One of the researchers has said, “We were expecting to find issues in the devices; however, the number and severity of the issues exceeded those expectations. Our first reaction to a lot of our findings was: ‘It can’t really be this easy, right?”. Read the full story here.

35 million!
The airlines have been hit again with a data breach, this time it’s two airlines owned by Lion Air; Malindo Air and Thai Lion Air – affecting 35 million passengers. The records were found in two databases, one with 21 million records which had included passenger IDs, reservation IDs, customer addresses, phone numbers and more. Both databases had been published online by someone known as “Spectre”. Read the full story here.

Obama Cares About Big Data
Obama sent out a clear message this week about the risks of failing to treat data privacy with the respect the issue deserves. “With a digital fire hose of data, compounded by decisions that require rapid-fire responses from the White House, any person or organization needs a diversity of viewpoints as well as “a process you have confidence in” that properly sifts and sorts data,” he said. He went on to underline how Big Data could be used to reduce waste in healthcare in the US, as well as relieve problems such as traffic congestion. Read the full story here.

Everyone is Listening
Security researchers from Wandera analysed two adware apps and found that it had some concerning permissions that did not fit with their advertised purpose. The two apps, SunPro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Selfie Camera, pose as selfie camera filters and has been installed over 1.5 million times. Concerningly, a permission found on the two apps is “RECORD_AUDIO” which allowed the app to record audio using the device’s microphone without notifying the user. Read the full story here.

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