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GDPR - November 11, 2019

#PrivSecNY: Cyber-security meets data privacy in fascinating opening day at PrivSec New York

A global audience of privacy and security professionals met at PrivSec New York at Columbia University for an insightful two days of keynote talks and panel debates.

Thanks to the engaging presentations on a range of topics delivered in two separate theatres, attendees found themselves at the forefront of the global debate on data protection and security.

Starting the conference, New York State Senator Kevin Thomas looked into where New York is in the global privacy landscape, emphasising that personal data should not be exploited and as a result “New Yorkers deserve better.”

Tim Wu, Columbia Law School professor and contributing opinion writer for The New York Times discussed the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), state laws and future US federal laws, stressing that “the level of public desire for privacy is very, very high.”

Gargi Sen, Head of Privacy at Kantar focused on the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the implementation of its framework, stating that: “CCPA is all about transparency for the consumer.”

Towards the latter end of her talk, Gargi pointed out key compliance charges, including comprehensive data mapping, operationalising all the prescriptive requirements required by CCPA, and defining all CCPA roles.

Gargi concluded: “In this new privacy conscious world, companies can no longer keep privacy conversations on the back-burner.

“It is time to accept and then embrace that personal information and data privacy are topics that matter greatly to this current generation of savvy consumers and will be shaping our future.”

Attendees flocked to Theatre 1 to hear The Great Hack star David Carroll, discussing the Netflix documentary and the Cambridge Analytica Inquest – “the most elaborate data protection investigation in history.”

Carroll commented how the Cambridge Analytica became a cataclysmic moment within the data protection/security industry, and following the documentary, allowed it to become the mainstream, thus “data protection is now sexy.”

One of the main takeaways from Carroll’s talk was: “Insolvency is the ultimate loophole…we can come up with all the greatest data protection laws around the world, but until we plug the bankruptcy insolvency loophole – it doesn’t even matter.”

Carroll stressed that the problem is that “data rights and democracy are interlinked now…and there’s an industry, that is the political technology industry and it utilises commercial data for political purposes and it is inter-connected with the military industrial complex, and there is no firewall between these three industries at all.”

A key takeaway from PrivSec NY was that “the age of privacy has arrived and it is here to stay,” Karima Noren, Co-founder of The Privacy Compliance.

It is vital that privacy culture is instilled within all levels of an organisation, including board directors and the CEO, and when implementing rules around data privacy, protection and security – it should not be viewed as a project.

In addition, the need for information security officers, legal counsel, technology officers and other executives to work together was highlighted throughout the past two days.


The day’s debates continued on social media

@RCyberguy: Thought provoking session and e with tons of concerns – “AI and Data Lakes: Navigating Legal and Ethical Challenges” by Orrie Dinstein.

@Nick_Perf: #privacy #PrivSecNY @PrivSecEvents – amazing session in progress to understand privacy and security while moving data to cloud.

@stavvmc: Demand in this area is not going to run out,” says @superwuster on citizen desire for privacy protection at #PrivSecNY

@ThePrivacyNerd: “The greatest lesson from Cambridge Analytica is that we need to close the loophole of bankruptcy/insolvency to avoid liability for data harms”. @profcarroll You are so badass, great presentation at #PrivSecNY

@mayracavazosc: With #LGPD, #Brazil is in an advantaged position in #LatAm by having the most modern type of #dataprotection legislation in the region. The disadvantage though, is the lack of privacy culture. Specially, for multinational organizations. #PrivSecNY #Privacy

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