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GDPR - September 30, 2019

PrivSec New York: Navigating legal whirlpools within AI and data lakes

The legal and ethical challenges of harnessing the power of the data lake will be explored at PrivSec New York, which is coming to Columbia University, New York City, on November 5th and 6th 2019.

Beware the data swamp
The sheer volume of customer data being created by enterprise systems and applications should mean that businesses now know more than ever about their audiences’ desires, and how to deliver a seamless customer experience.

The magic formula seems pretty easy to follow – channel all that information into the data lake and call upon your cyber wizards to divine actionable insights that will power an increasingly customised and personalised relationship with your brand.

If only it were that simple.

The huge range of types and quantities of data means that the pathway of preparing data for processing can be strewn with complexity. As data stores grow, processing at scale and speed becomes increasingly difficult.

Success also hinges on lawful data governance – bringing together people, policies and technology while respecting compliant practices. Only then can a data swamp transform into a powerful lake that nourishes successful, ethical business strategy that’s fit for the modern era.

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Learn from the experts at PrivSec New York

Business leaders can get to the heart of sound data lake strategy at an exclusive keynote at PrivSec New York.

Industry experts will be presenting the key cyber-security and data privacy concerns that data practitioners need to be aware of as they attempt to build a data-powered programme that keeps regulators and customers happy.

Other topics going under the microscope at PrivSec New York

  • The Great Hack and the Cambridge Analytica Inquest
  • The Power of Design and the Limits of Control
  • Privacy as a Differentiator: What does this mean and who benefits from it?
  • The Current Cyber Security Landscape: Keeping up with the evolving nature of the external threats
  • Cookies and Consent, CCPA and Adtech: Deep Dive on Best Practices Learned
  • Panel: Privacy by Demand for Data Migration to the Cloud

An international roster of speakers

Among industry specialists presenting their views at PrivSec New York are guest speakers and representatives from global names including Uber, the New York Times, BNY Mellon, Raytheon and many more.

In an ideal forum for networking and sharing ideas, delegates can learn how enterprise is adapting to evolving data protection standards through innovation, collaboration and compliance.

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PrivSec Conference New York will explore the inextricable link between data privacy and cyber security.

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