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GDPR - October 31, 2019

PrivSec New York: Going deep into the Cambridge Analytica fallout

PrivSec New York will take delegates on a journey to explore the relationship between data privacy and cybersecurity as data legislation evolves across the US.

Coming to Columbia University NYC on November 5th and 6th, the two-day conference hosts an international line-up of industry specialists as they present their views before an audience of CEOs, CISOs, IT professionals and Data Protection Officers.

A data scandal to define the digital era

Parsons School of Design professor, David Carroll, was worried about ad-blocking technology, data privacy and cybersecurity long before such issues rose to the popular conscience.

In 2014, he vocalised these concerns in high-level meetings, criticising the behaviour of tech industry bosses who Carroll felt were being reckless with data privacy.

“I was an early advocate, trying to warn the industry that the facts were going to blow up in their face,” Carroll said in a recent interview.

Anxiety over Facebook’s data processing prompted Carroll into action, and in January 2017, he leveraged the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to submit a Data Subject Access Request to UK-based data intelligence company, Cambridge Analytica.

Slowly but surely, the action pulled back the curtain on monumental malpractice at the heart of big data processing, sending out the clearest message yet for the need for stronger data privacy laws around the world.

“I couldn’t have predicted that Cambridge Analytica would be the inevitable event that was a result of the reckless behaviour,” Carroll added.

The scandal spelt the end of Cambridge Analytica, while maximum fines were issued by the UK data protection regulator against Facebook. In the US this summer, the social network agreed to pay a record $5bn to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for “deceiving” users about their ability to keep confidential data private.

The timeline of the Facebook / Cambridge Analytics affair is laid bare in the Netflix film, The Great Hack, starring Professor David Carroll.

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The man at the centre of a global data privacy renaissance

David Carroll works in public at the intersections of advertising, design, journalism, technology, policy, and politics where big data and data ethics collide.

Known for challenging Cambridge Analytica in the UK courts, triggering the only criminal prosecution by the Information Commissioner’s Office, his quest to repatriate his voter profile under British law is chronicled in The Great Hack (2019) on Netflix.

A recovering tech entrepreneur, David worked his way deep into the industry from the first dot-com boom-bust through to the Cambridge Analytica cataclysm. He has written for WIRED, Motherboard, The Guardian, Quartz, Boston Review, appeared on The Open Mind by PBS, and presented at TedX Mid-Atlantic, NYC Media Lab, and others. An associate professor at Parsons School of Design, he teaches in the MFA Design and Technology graduate program which he directed from 2010-2013.

Delegates at PrivSec New York can hear Professor David Carroll present his reflections on the Cambridge Analytica inquest along with his views on the evolution in US data privacy legislation that the affair has sparked.

Other topics going under the microscope at PrivSec New York

  • The Power of Design and the Limits of Control
  • Privacy as a Differentiator: What does this mean and who benefits from it?
  • The Current Cyber Security Landscape: Keeping up with the evolving nature of the external threats
  • Cookies and Consent, CCPA and Adtech: Deep Dive on Best Practices Learned
  • Panel: Privacy by Demand for Data Migration to the Cloud

An international roster of speakers

Among industry specialists presenting their views at PrivSec New York are guest speakers and representatives from global names including Uber, the New York Times, BNY Mellon, Raytheon and many more.

PrivSec Conference New York will explore the inextricable link between data privacy and cyber security. In-depth talks and panel debates held by a line-up of international experts will examine trends and technologies at the heart of the global data economy.

In an ideal forum for networking and sharing ideas, delegates can learn how enterprise is adapting innovation, collaboration and compliance to evolving data protection standards.

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Event details

PrivSec New York

When: November 5 & 6 

Where: Columbia University

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