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GDPR - January 30, 2020

PrivSec London: Aisling Costello explores the blockchain use-case in an era of strengthening data privacy law

Challenges and solutions of blockchain technology goes under the microscope at PrivSec London, coming to London’s QEII Exhibition Centre on February 4th and 5th 2020. 

PrivSec London presents two days of content-rich keynote talks and panel debates designed to address the most pressing business issues on today’s data privacy and cyber security landscape.

Delegates can share knowledge, experience and ideas while learning from industry experts about how to implement new laws governing data handling practice today.

The pathways and pitfalls of digital innovation

As a platform to cryptocurrencies, blockchain has demonstrated its ability to drive transparency, security, and efficiency to bring new levels of integrity to electronic transactions.

Innovation through blockchain promises to improve business operations numerous industries and sectors, from global supply chains to financial services, healthcare, government, policing and cyber-defence.

But while few are in doubt of blockchain’s ability to reinvigorate global markets, debate continues as to whether the technology can work its magic while remaining compliant with new legislative frameworks designed to promote user governance.

The GDPR allows EU residents to control their personal data, have it deleted or amended, though as an immutable ledger, blockchain is designed to prevent such actions from taking place.

Similarly, the newly implemented California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) gives consumers the right to prevent firms in the Sunshine State from selling personal data to a third party; a business that attempts to sell a blockchain network will face challenges removing individual data blocks from each chain.

The head of the debate

Former Global Head of Legal for MUFG Investor Services, Aisling Costello will be discussing blockchain and its limitations with data privacy laws in front of audiences at PrivSec London’s Emerging Technology theatre on day two of the conference.

Business leaders, cyber-specialists, CISOs and IT professionals can get to the edge of this crucial issue and gain valuable insight into how this new technology can be lawfully harnessed.

Formerly Global Head of Legal for MUFG Investor Services (one of the fund services arms of Mitsubishi bank), Ash is a privacy and financial services lawyer with decades long experience advising both in-house and in private practice in London, Edinburgh, Guernsey and Dublin.

She is qualified in New York, Ireland and England and Wales, and co-authored ‘GDPR for American Businesses’, a book/toolkit to assist American SME’s published in 2019.

As a privacy and investment funds attorney and GDPR specialist, Ash advises on Privacy Law, Blockchain and FinTech compatibility. Her other roles include:

  • Ireland: MiFID, IIA fund administrator entity
  • Jersey: Management Company and Fund Administrator
  • Cayman: Bank, two Administrators, Custodians and Trust Entities
  • Bermuda: Custodian, Trustee and Fund Administrator
  • Singapore: Fund Administrator and Custodian

Also speaking at PrivSec London

  • Florian Marcus, Presenter-Analyst at e-Estonia Briefing Centre
  • Olu Odeniyi, Cyber Security and Digital Transformation Consultant
  • Tash Whitaker, Global Data Privacy Director at Whitaker Solutions
  • Vicki Gavin, Head of Cyber Risk at Artemis Fund Management
  • Rowenna Fielding, Senior Data Protection Lead at Protecture
  • Steve Wright, Partner at Privacy Culture
  • Dan Cope, Data Privacy Manager at Financial Services Industry
  • Josephine Harriman, Global Cyber & Privacy Legal Counsel at Morgan Stanley

Register your place at PrivSec London today!

Building on the huge success of data privacy and cyber security conferences held throughout 2019, PrivSec London starts 2020 with another two-day event packed with keynote talks, panel debates, workshops and exclusive presentations.

The conference will offer DPOs, CISOs, CEOs, data practitioners and IT professionals an unmissable opportunity to join the global debate on data privacy and cyber security as digital transformation accelerates and data law frameworks grow in complexity.

Register for PrivSec London today

Event details

Event: PrivSec London

Where: QEII Exhibition Centre, London

When: Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th February 2020

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