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GDPR - September 23, 2019

PrivSec Dublin launches today at Dublin’s Conference Centre

PrivSec Dublin brings the data privacy and cyber-security world to the Irish capital today at Dublin’s Conference Centre.

A high number of tech giants have their European headquarters on the Emerald Isle, which makes Dublin an appropriate place for discussing the progress of the GDPR, and the global response to the tangible and positive changes that the data privacy laws have sparked.

Depending on what twists and turns remain on Brexit’s rocky road, Dublin may soon be the only English-speaking capital in the EU. Combined with the city’s status as the third-largest tech cluster in Europe, few cities are more qualified to test the cyber-security waters that organisations must navigate if they are to pair legislative compliance with healthy growth.

All the hot topics discussed

Today and tomorrow, the key issues go under expert scrutiny live at PrivSec Dublin, where over 70 industry professionals will provide in excess of 60 hours of content through three theatres.

Data Privacy Theatre

Among presentations in the Data Privacy Theatre, Aviva’s Head of Data Privacy and Business Enterprise, Brian O’Connor looks at the practical implications of data protection within business.

In the afternoon, GDPR analyst, Chiara Rustici discusses GDPR’s application within the data economy, before discussing international data flows beyond Brexit, in the company of nyob founder, Max Schrems, Fitzpatrick & Associates founder, Sheila Fitzpatrick, and Global Chief Privacy Officer at WSP, Shoshana Rosenberg.

Fedelman Good, Director of Data Protection Strategy, Legal and Compliance Services at PwC, serves up a good recipe for cookies at the end of the day.

Privacy, Security & Emerging Technology

Chief Product Officer at Egress, Sundeep Venkatesh studies the increasing frequency of email-targeted hacking campaigns and sheds light on how the tide is turning on email data breaches.

Later in the day, Global Data Privacy Director at Whitaker Solutions, Tash Whitaker shines the spotlight on the ever-changing faces of anonymity between the US and the EU – a topic that may change given Britain’s prospective departure from Europe.

Cyber Security & Business Continuity

In the morning at the Cyber Security and Business Continuity theatre, Olu Odeniyi, Cyber Security and Digital Transformation Consultant, considers the benefits of a preventative approach to security issues in a world governed by the reactive mindset.

In a focus panel debate, Nigel Hawthorn, EMEA Marketing Director, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee, Brian Reid, VP Sales EMEA at Dataguise, and Angelo Paolillo, Founder and CEO at Cleerup Ltd talk about privacy by default for data migration to the cloud.

Zoe Rose, Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Baringa Partners, finishes the day with what promises to be a fascinating look at cyber-security through the eyes of a hacker. Don’t miss it!

Be part of the PrivSec Dublin discussion on social media

Stay tuned into the PrivSec Dublin debate on social media, where content, news and views will be going live throughout the two days of live data privacy discussion.






Data Protection World Forum



Data Protection World Forum


Attendees are encouraged to enter into the live debate! Please upload your photos and opinions on the two days’ discussions as they take place, and don’t forget to add #PrivSecDublin.

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