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GDPR - October 16, 2019

#Privacy: Workers are increasingly more likely to trust AI than their manager

A survey conducted by Oracle and Future Workplace has found that 64% of workers would trust a robot more than their manager.

The report surveyed 8,370 employees, managers and HR executives from 10 countries, and found that more than half of respondents have received advice from a robot, instead of turning to their manager. 

Particularly in Asia, the report discovered a disproportionate distrust between employees and their colleagues, with 89% of workers in India and 88% of those in China citing that they trusted robots over managers. 

In Singapore 83% of workers expressed their trust in robots over managers, followed by Brazil (78%), Japan (76%), Australia and New Zealand (58%), the US (57%), the UK (54%) and France (56%). 

An overwhelming 82% of respondents  stated that they believe that robots can do things better than managers, such as providing unbiased information and maintaining work schedules. 

However, under half of respondents (45%) stated that unlike AI, managers can understand their feelings better and are better at coaching (33%).

The findings emphasises the need for managers to develop stronger relationships with their staff. 

Shaakun Khanna, Oracle’s head of human capital management applications for Asia-Pacfic, told CNBC Make it: “I think it’s a big warning sign for the managers.”

“I always tell people if they want to survive the AI risk, they should embrace EI (emotional intelligence).”

Khanna noted that managers should be mindful and think holistically about the impact of their decisions with their employees, and build a meritocracy o employees know what to work towards. 

“Those are the things managers need to look at if they are to outperform the AI manager that they compete with.”

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