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GDPR - November 28, 2019

#Privacy: Ugandan beer manufacturer’s website hacked

The Ugandan beer manufacturer Nile Breweries Limited has confirmed that all its content has been deleted as a result of a hack on Tuesday morning.

Threat actors removed all content on the website and posted a video demanding Nile Breweries Limited, one of Uganda’s top beer producers, to put into production a secret beer recipe within 24 hours. 

The threat actors threatened to expose the classified recipe to the public if the brewery didn’t comply.

When visiting the website, visitors of the brewery’s homepage were confronted with the video footage, whereby the threat actor can be heard saying: “This is a message to Nile Breweries. I have gone through your servers and discovered that you have been sitting on a beer formula. So, here is my demand. Produce this beer immediately, or the formula goes public. You have 24 hours.”

According to reports by TechJaja, it is speculated that the hack could be a marketing ploy by Nile Breweries. However, the brewery has confirmed that the hack was real. 

Nile Breweries’ legal and corporate affairs manager, Mr Onapito Ekomoloit, confirmed the hack on the company’s website stating:

“We have seen the video circulating on our website this morning at our Head Office in Luzira, Kampala. We are taking this matter very seriously and are moving quickly to establish the details.

“We have mobilised a response team and will provide further updates as soon as the information we receive can be verified.”

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