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GDPR - December 16, 2019

#Privacy: Thousands of Met Police officers attend cyber training courses

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request has found that thousands of Metropolitan Police officers have attended online cyber training courses. 

The FOI requests, submitted by UK-based cloud hoster, Nimbus Hosting, found that over the past two years, 4,534 Metropolitan Police officers attended the Cyber Crime and Digital Policing – First Responder course. Whilst 4,444 completed the Cyber Crime and Digital Policing – Introduction course. 

The majority of officers who attended the introductory (51%) and first responder (52%) courses were student officers, with some detective chief inspectors and detective inspectors also attending. 

For the Digital Communications, Social Media, Cyber Crime and Policing course, there were 5,804 enrolments. 

Former Lewisham councillor, Duwayne Brooks told Infosecurity Magazine: “Building a police force equipped with the latest digital skills is critical for improving community relations in the fight against crime. These new recruits are likely to come from more diverse backgrounds than their predecessors, possessing important insights and knowledge into local communities.

“By harnessing social media platforms and the latest technology, modern policing can tackle crime in close partnership with the wider public, winning the hearts and minds of young people and the disadvantaged.”

There has been a constant struggle to find officers with cyber skills. Only a few years ago, did the prior Home Secretary Theresa May had announced plans to allow the police to recruit volunteers with cybercrime expertise. 

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