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GDPR - March 26, 2020

#Privacy: TDoS prevention centre stage in evolution of US digital journey

The Telephony Denial of Service (TDOS) attack system, Call Sentinal, has been experiencing rapid levels of growth. That’s according to the system’s owner, USA Digital Communications.

USA Digital has a family of toll-fraud defense offerings. These include FraudProSM that protects against international toll fraud, a commitment to protecting customers’ networks against robocalling, and Call Sentinel, an easy to use and cost-effective TDoS prevention method.

Similar to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against data networks, TDoS attackers aim to make a communication system unavailable by consuming telephony resources, preventing all incoming and/or outgoing calls.

Government agencies, call centers, financial, healthcare, insurance and utility providers are at the highest risk and need protection. However, any organization that relies on making or accepting calls for sales or support benefits from Call Sentinel due to its affordability and scalability.

“Our focus is on providing custom solutions to serve the data and voice communications needs of commercial enterprise customers all across the United States and Canada,” said Richard Costello, CEO of USA Digital.

“We don’t stop with high quality service at affordable prices. Our unique approaches to securing and protecting our customers against TDoS, toll-fraud, and robocalling also create real value. The fraud cost to unprotected businesses is millions of dollars annually. We are proud to offer solutions that guard against these fraudulent activities and the damage they cause.”

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