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GDPR - September 27, 2019

#Privacy: Social media users willingly share their personal details too freely

Research has revealed that social media users are willing to give their personal data for short term gains from social media. 

In Kaspersky’s Global Privacy Report 2018, a survey was conducted with 11,887 participants in 21 countries. 

The findings discovered that in regards to sharing their social media details, 22% of respondents would do so in order to find out the results of online quizzes, whilst 18.9% admitted to disregarding their privacy in exchange for free items, such as a gifts and software.

Just over half (55.5%) of respondents in the Asia Pacific believe that having complete online privacy in the modern digital world is impossible, with many of them admitting to sharing their personal data for “likes”. 

Worryingly, 53.6% of respondents reported having someone gain access to their private data without consent, with online breaches highest (57.1%) for those aged between 16-24. 

The report identified that APAC online users are now starting to protect themselves, with 56.7% choosing to protect their devices for passwords. 

The report said: “So, as we have made peace with the fact that we can never guarantee our digital security, many of us are choosing to sell-out when it comes to securing the integrity of our data and persona online – but with big potential costs. In fact, many people are unwittingly making themselves an open target.”

Kaspersky Southeast Asia General Manager, Yeo Siang Tiong commented: “At first glance, this habit of giving up our social media credentials in exchange for knowing which flower we are and so on may look harmless to big companies.

“But the truth is, with the high BYOD adoption in Southeast Asia, a stolen social media credential of one worker can mean the entire fallout of an enterprise’s online defences. We recommended businesses to also consider having a series of comprehensive and interactive cybersecurity training to boost the awareness of their first line of security — their employees,”

Kaspersky recommends users to think twice before posting on their social media platforms, and to keep passwords to themselves.

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