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GDPR - December 10, 2019

#Privacy: Scammers found masquerading as Elder Scrolls Online developers

Cybercriminals are posing as developers for The Elder Scrolls Online and forcing players into giving up their account details.

According to a Reddit post by a scam recipient, scammers are pretending to be developers for the game and targeting those with PlayStation consoles. Messages are being sent to these players about unusual activity being detected on their account, thus breaching the game’s Terms of Service.

To ensure they are the rightful owner of the account they have to send the “ElderScrollDevs” their email address, password, date of birth within 15 minutes or else their account will be banned.

The message reads: “In response to a violation of these Terms of Service, ZeniMax may issue you a warning, suspend or restrict certain features of the Account. We may also immediately terminate any and all Accounts that You have established. Temporarily or permanently ban the Account, device, and/or machine from accessing, receiving, playing or using all or certain Services.”

It should be noted that if there ever is an issue with an account, a company will always directly contact the account owner via email from their company domain or via their website.

All messages received on any gaming service should be treated with suspicion and ignored.

Players should enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on their account. If a player mistakenly provides their information to a scammer, the 2FA will prevent them from accessing the account.

Tyler Reguly, manager of security R&D at Tripwire, said via email to Threatpost: “Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs) present a great opportunity for malicious individuals.

“RMT (Real Money Trading) is growing in the video game industry, an industry historically lax with security. While RMT is nothing new, there are constantly new ways for hackers to take advantage of it and credential abuse is just the latest approach. Once the attacker gains access to your account, they strip your in-game assets and transfer them to a disposable character. From there, they sell them on the black market for real money.”

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