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GDPR - February 19, 2020

#Privacy: Ring makes 2FA mandatory

Amazon’s video doorbell surveillance system has announced that it is making two-factor authentication (2FA) mandatory for all users when they log into their Ring accounts.

In a blog post, Ring explained that 2FA was already offered to customers, however it was not enabled by default. The additional layer of security will help prevent unauthorised parties from gaining access to users’ Ring account. 

“With every login on your Ring account, you’ll receive a one-time, six-digit code to verify your login attempt. You’ll need to enter that code before we will allow access to your Ring account,” explained Ring President Leila Roushi. 

The move comes as Ring faces increasing scrutiny about its security and privacy protection, with multiple reports being published about threat actors breaching Ring accounts and spying on users, as well as reports identifying vulnerabilities which can be exploited by threat actors to gain access to the owner’s household computer network. 

Last December, Ring launched login notifications for accounts, which alert users by email when anyone successfully logs into their accounts from a new device or browser. 

The Amazon-announced company also announced that it is immediately temporarily pausing the use of “most third-party analytics” in the Ring apps and website, to which in early Spring, Ring will provide users with additional options to limit sharing information with these third-party service providers. 

“Your account safety and security is our priority. We will stay vigilant and continue to give you more transparency and control over your devices and personal information, and help keep your home and Ring account secure and protected,” Rouhi added. 

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