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GDPR - January 29, 2020

#Privacy: Research finds staff send 130+ emails per week to wrong person

According to new data from Tessian, employees in small and medium-sized businesses send as many as 177 emails a year to the wrong person. 

From an analysis of data from its global network of clients, Tessian revealed that staff are sending company data to unauthorised or personal email accounts nearly 200,000 times a year, for large enterprises holding 10,000 employees or more. 

For large businesses with 1,000 employees, the figure drops to 19,696 times a year, whilst with SMBs, the figure drops even lower to 4,924. 

Sending emails to the wrong person can be particularly dangerous, as it often leads to people exposing personal and corporate data.

A report from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) revealed that the leading cause of online data breaches during 2019 was due to emails being sent to the wrong person, with UK organisations reporting 1,357 data breaches caused by a direct result of emailing the incorrect recipient last year. 

Tessian CEO, Tim Sandler told Infosecurity Magazine: “Everyone has an email blunder story. After all, the average worker spends over a third of their working-week on email, so mistakes are bound to happen. But we’re seeing serious repercussions beyond just embarrassment over cc-ing the wrong person – more people are exposing personal and corporate data.

“These mistakes could see your data falling into the wrong hands and your company facing the regulator’s wrath under GDPR.”

It is important that businesses focus on educating and protecting their employees in addition to adding an extra layer of security. 

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