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GDPR - January 7, 2020

#Privacy: Ransomware shuts down company

An Arkansas-based telemarketing company has told employees to seek other employment following a ransomware attack.

Employees of The Heritage Company have been told to start searching for other employment after the company suffered a malicious ransomware attack. 

Company CEO Sandra Franecke broke the news in a letter to more than 300 employees saying that two months ago, the company’s servers had been hit by a ransomware attack to which the ransom was paid in order to get the systems back up. 

“Since then, IT has been doing everything they can to bring all our systems back up, but they still have quite a long way to go,” said Franecke. “Also, since then, I have been doing my utmost best to keep our doors open, even going as far as paying your wages from my own money to keep us going until we could recoup what we lost due to the cyber attack.”

The letter, dated December 23, told employees to call the hotline number on January 2 for an update, however when many called they were greeted by a recorded message: “Though we have made progress, there is still much work to be done. With that in mind, we do not prevent you from searching for other employment.”

Franecke added that the company lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the incident and have been forced to “restructure different areas in the company.”

This isn’t the first case where a company has had to shut down its business due to a ransomware attack.

In April 2019, a medical practice office in Michigan, had announced that it was shutting down its business and retiring one year ahead of schedule after being struck by ransomware and refusing to pay the ransom. Subsequently, threat actors deleted all patient data. 

Similarly, another medical office located in Simi Valley, California also announced in September, 2019 that it would shut down all operations after not having sufficient funds to pay the ransom. 

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