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GDPR - November 28, 2019

#Privacy: Ransomware forces security firm to shut down network

A Spanish security company, Prosegur, and announced that it was a victim of a ransomware attack.

On Twitter, Prosegur confirmed that the incident detected corresponds to a “generic attack” caused by the Ryuk ransomware. 

Subsequently, the attack impacted all Prosegur locations in Europe and the entire company network was down, forcing employees to go home. 

Some reports stated that the company network became unavailable around four in the morning yesterday, local time, and is still down. 

In an official statement the company said: “Once the incident is detected, Prosegur has immediately activated its security protocols. The company has implemented all necessary actions to avoid affecting its services. 

“In addition, Prosegur has restricted communications with its customers to avoid any propagation.”

Users took to Twitter criticising the company for delaying the release of a statement, and only disclosing a small amount of information about the incident. 

Maximum security measures have been enforced to prevent the ransomware from spreading internally and to the networks of its clients.

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