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GDPR - September 20, 2019

#privacy: PrivSec Dublin goes live this Monday

Just two days remain before PrivSec Dublin comes to the Irish capital’s Conference Centre, where an international line-up of industry speakers will debate the latest developments in cyber-security and data privacy before an audience of 1,000 delegates.

Sixteen months on from the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PrivSec Dublin will throw light on compliance concerns at a critical time in the global evolution of data protection regulation.

Much of this progression is down to the GDPR, a pioneering legislative framework that is driving up data processing standards while empowering global citizens to demand that their personal privacy is respected at all stages of the data journey.

The exposure of the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal as well as world-record-breaking fines against multinationals such as Marriott International represent just some of the GDPR’s success stories.

Meanwhile, smaller businesses and organisations have been forced to get their administrative houses in order to avoid regulator sanction and to nurture a data processing ecosystem that champions accountability, transparency and control.

Exploring the relationship between security and privacy

However, entities in the public and private sectors are facing challenges as they push to meet compliancy standards while maintaining competitive growth.

These challenges – and potential solutions – will be put on the table on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th September at PrivSec Dublin, through a range of keynote talks and panel debates led by the experts, including:

  • Jacky Fox, Managing Director at Accenture
  • Max Schrems, data privacy activist and Founder of NOYB
  • Martin Gomberg, Author, CISO Redefined
  • Rowenna Fielding, Senior Data Protection Lead at Protecture
  • Stevan Stanojevic, Ethics and Compliance Manager at Ethiad Airways
  • Olu Odeniyi, Cyber Security and Digital Transformation Consultant

Taking centre stage at PrivSec Dublin

Austrian lawyer and nyob.eu founder, Max Schrems – aka “the man who took on Facebook and won” – shares the stage with Professor David Carroll, the New York academic and star of Netflix recent hit documentary The Great Hack, whose GDPR-enabled Subject Access Request led to the exposure of the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Vicky Guilloit, partner at Privacy Culture will be putting questions to Max and David to hear their views on the GDPR’s influence and the emergence of similar frameworks in the US and beyond.

Also on the PrivSec Dublin agenda:

  • What GDPR Pros Need to Know about the CCPA & US Privacy Laws
  • Cyber-attacks Can Now Trigger NATO’s Art. 5: Regulating Data Through the Laws of War
  • Managing Compliance and Security with Budget Constraints
  • Cookies, Chips and the Fridge’ – The Internet of Things, Targeted Advertising and the GDPR
  • The Ever-Changing Faces of Anonymity between the US and EU
  • The Current Landscape of Cyber Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Accountable Information Security in Support of Privacy
  • Data Security Breaches: Preparing for an Incident Response

….and much more!

Don’t miss out!

PrivSec Dublin is a two-day content-rich event, where security and privacy matters will be discussed before 1,000 attendees in three separate theatres, including:

  • Data Privacy
  • Privacy, Security & Emerging Technology
  • Cyber Security & Business Continuity

Register today for PrivSec Dublin

PrivSec Dublin offers an ideal opportunity for privacy and security practitioners to meet, network and share ideas in a forum that champions learning, progression and innovation in data privacy.

Register your place today!

Event details

PrivSec Dublin

Where: The Convention Centre, Dublin

Date: 23rd & 24th September




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