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GDPR - January 21, 2020

#Privacy: Over 500 computers taken down following cyber attack

A cyber attack against the Volusia County Public Library (VCPL) branches from Daytona Beach, Florida has resulted in 600 computers being taken down.

In a statement, VCPL revealed that on Thursday January 9, staff had detected an attempted cyber-intrusion targeting the computer systems supporting Volusia County Library Services..

The attack impacted 600 library computers, including public access and staff computers. Although there has been no indication to show that the attack was due to ransomware, all the signs point to the devices getting encrypted.

“The county’s technology staff were immediately notified and coordinated recovery efforts with library staff.”

The county has launched an investigation into the attack.

Approximately, 50 computers are now back online allowing staff to perform patron business such as making reservations and checking books in and out.

The attack did not impact the library webpage, any associated online resources, and the public Wi-Fi.

Just earlier this month, a ransomware attack encrypted computers at 26 community libraries in Contra Costa County on January 3.


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