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GDPR - January 9, 2020

#Privacy: Over 3 million streaming video subscribers’ data compromised

More than three million subscriber credentials have been compromised, threatening viewers and businesses. 

Video software provider Synamedia monitored over three million credentials belonging to their customers. They found that 8,000 of those could be used to access customers’ OTT services, to which 6,000 were made available for purchase on 15 different marketplaces on both the open and dark web. 

In a blog post, Synamedia stresses the issue of non-paying users having full access to streaming services. 

In 2019 alone, over 4 billion user credentials were compromised in multiple data breaches. Synamedia explains that hackers obtain usernames and passwords from prior data breaches which are then run through account checkers. 

“In addition to jeopardizing the digital identity of subscribers, this is the entry point for different credential attacks, which can result in stolen credentials available for sale on different marketplaces and forums on the open or dark web.”

Some popular sporting services can cost $15 for lifetime access on these marketplaces, whilst a monthly pass for popular streaming services can cost as little as $2.50 on underground hacking forums. 

According to a report by MediaPost, two unnamed service providers lost a total amount of $72 million in potential annual revenue as a direct result of password sharing of more than 500,000 users accessing accounts they don’t own. The 500,000 made up 15% of users on both video service providers. 

“Streaming service providers need to be more vigilant about assessing the risk posed by credentials-based attacks. When a subscriber’s personally identifiable information (PII) is exposed, service providers are exposed too, to a variety of risks,” said Synamedia. 

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