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GDPR - October 23, 2019

#Privacy: New tools baked into Chrome and Firefox will enhance data privacy 

The web browser Mozilla has released Firefox 70 for use with Windows, Mac and Linux, which will enable users to tap into new privacy capabilities.

Among new actions designed to bolster privacy and cybersecurity, users will be able to turn on social tracking protection, a new report function that logs privacy protection as well as a native data breach notification service for individuals’ saved logins.

In October 2018 Mozilla began offering granular control over third-party tracking through their Enhanced Tracking Protection service. Now the firm has thrown social media trackers into the equation, which will allow users to block all trackers linked with Facebook and a number of other platforms including Facebook-owned Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube and the professional social network, LinkedIn.

Further updates of significance include a refurbished privacy protections report which provides a useful hub that stores trackers which Firefox has blocked, divided into type.

Mozilla’s Lockwise password management tool has been built into the Firefox Monitor, providing users with a warning system which flags up saved logins that have become exposed in a data breach.

Firefox isn’t the only service to have upgraded user protections in recent weeks. Earlier in October, Google installed its Passwords Checkup tool into Google account controls. The tech giant has also given notification of its plans to bake the tool into the Chrome 78 browser.

While the option does not come pre-activated, users can turn it on by visiting chrome://flags/#password-leak-detection. It’s useful to know that both Chrome and Firefox’s breach notification tools will only function if you are syncing your stored passwords to the respective services.

The developments appear to be a step in the right direction for the web browsing services, as companies in the US and beyond wake up to the pressing need to take real action to shore up user privacy and cybersecurity.

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