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GDPR - February 13, 2020

#Privacy: New software promises to protect business data from malicious third-party apps

A new rogue application detection system has been launched, designed to enable stronger data protection against unmanaged third-party applications accessing cloud data.

Thanks to the innovation put together byAltitude Networks, security teams can now detect user-authorized applications with malicious or questionable access privileges to sensitive data within cloud platforms like G Suite.

With these new capabilities, customers are better protected from malicious or accidental data theft and can empower robust collaboration without the risk.

“Unmanaged third-party applications downloaded and installed by employees from popular marketplaces often include privileges to access corporate data in the cloud,” said Garrett Bekker, Principal Security Analyst at 451 Research, a unit of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

“Because these rogue applications are not reviewed or managed by IT, they present a substantial, yet often unaccounted for risk to the organization, and once they are granted access to corporate data, they can exfiltrate or misuse data freely. By adding new capabilities to deal with rogue apps, Altitude is addressing a problem that many CISOs are wrestling to understand and manage.”

Altitude automatically indexes and evaluates every application installed by users and identifies rogue or questionable applications with access to G Suite. For example, a common business application for document signing may require access to Google Drive; however a gaming or social application should not.

With this release, security teams can:

  • Automatically detect malicious third-party applications with extensive access to data stored in cloud applications.
  • Understand the global app exposure at a glance by frequently installed applications, employees who have installed malicious applications, and sensitive files at risk.
  • Obtain context and details at their fingertips. Discover sensitive files across the org impacted by malicious applications.
  • Use Integrated work-flows to block offending applications or notify employees to remove unauthorized apps.

“As more corporate data moves to the cloud, sensitive information is increasingly at risk due to malicious or accidental behavior,” said Michael Coates, chief executive officer at Altitude Networks.

“As a former CISO, I understand that user-installed applications expand the scope of data access in unwanted or unexpected ways. Without an easy and scalable way to obtain visibility into unmanaged apps, security teams are flying blind. Altitude enables businesses to understand how data is being accessed by rogue applications. We provide the necessary visibility and control for organizations to protect sensitive cloud data.”

With U.S. businesses using more than 40 different cloud applications on average, Altitude Networks is able to manage authorized third-party applications at scale. Using advanced data science techniques, Altitude accurately pinpoints business critical files that are shared in highly risky ways that could lead to a data breach.

Altitude monitors privileged and sensitive materials, such as privileged legal documents, confidential financial data, or protected salary information.

Designed for companies of any size, Altitude Networks seamlessly integrates directly into cloud applications and provides continuous protection without endpoint software agents or network proxy devices. Customers can integrate Altitude into their cloud environment in less than 30 minutes with an initial discovery of critical risks in a matter of hours.

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