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GDPR - December 16, 2019

#Privacy: New Orleans struck by ransomware 

New Orleans has declared a state of emergency and has shut down the city’s servers and computers, after suffering a ransomware attack. 

The City of New Orleans first detected the attack at 5am (CST) on Friday, December 13, and by 8am, an uptick of suspicious activity was observed. 

The city’s emergency preparedness campaign, NOLA Ready tweeted: “As technicians investigated, activity indicating a cybersecurity incident was detected around 11am and as a precaution, the City’s IT department began powering down servers and City computers.”

The incident is under investigation, and the City of New Orleans are working alongside state and federal law enforcement partners including the LA National Guard, LA State Police, FBI New Orleans and the Secret Service, to investigate. 

“The @CityOfNOLA Emergency Operations Center is activated to manage interagency response to this cybersecurity incident. While the Real-Time Crime Center is powered down, public safety cameras continue to record & footage can be retrieved from cameras if an incident occurs.”

During a press conference, Mayor Cantrell announced that it was ransomware attack, and a declaration of a state of emergency was filed. 

It is not known what ransomware was used to infect the city’s network, and Mayor Cantrell said that at this time no ransom demand had been made.

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