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GDPR - December 16, 2019

#Privacy: New initiative offers girls free cybersecurity training

High school girls are being encouraged to register for a free cybersecurity training program starting in 2020. 

The 2020 Girls Go CyberStart challenge is encouraging more young women to explore the world of cybersecurity and hopefully sparking an interest to work within the industry. 

The program will target girls who are aged 13 and over, and will train them in cryptography, web vulnerabilities, computer forensics and open source intelligence gathering. In addition, the girls will also be taught the basics of programming. 

The Girls Go CyberStart was launched last year, and since its set up over 10,000 girls have participated. 

As the learning comes through a series of games, those who do well could win a scholarship from the program’s organisers. Those who won the scholarships last year went on to secure internships in companies within the cybersecurity industry. 

Girls can take part via school or from home, and no prior experience in IT or cybersecurity is needed. 

The challenges start on January 13, 2020, but registration will stay open until the end of January. 

Cybersecurity clubs within Montana, New Jersey, Utah, North Carolina, Idaho, Illinois and other states have already signed on to get involved in the free program.

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