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GDPR - December 13, 2019

#Privacy: New home privacy devices promises greater cybersecurity and user control

Start-up, Winston Privacy, has announced the consumer launch of its new privacy filter and what is claimed to be the world’s most comprehensive privacy solution for every IoT device.

Winston’s solution is designed to allow consumers to reclaim their privacy and security by enabling them to choose what gets tracked, effectively resulting in a faster, cleaner, more secure browsing experience on every connected IoT device.

In today’s digital world of hyper-connected smart technology, every online move is being tracked, mined, and sold by technology companies, advertisers, data brokers, and even governments.  According to a recent Winston Privacy survey, 90% of respondents agreed that advertising companies should not be able to collect personal data without their consent. Additionally, 73% are worried that their online activities make it easier to steal their identity or compromise their finances.

“People have the right to live their lives without being watched, packaged or sold,” said Richard Stokes, CEO and founder, Winston Privacy.

“Winston was created to give consumers an easy way to take back control of their personal information and defend their online interests, by authorizing their level of protection on any website.”

A user-friendly plug-and-play design makes protecting online privacy easy. By simply plugging Winston between the router and modem, Winston protects everything connected to your home network, allowing users to browse the internet with confidence that their online activity is not being tracked. Winston’s online dashboard also makes it easy to see how the device is protecting users’ personal data from connected devices on the network and monitor activity.

Winston’s own Distributed Private Network cloaks users with true anonymity by hiding geolocation, encrypting Domain Name System (DNS) and scrambling traffic with other Winston users, making it impossible to correlate individual users to their IP addresses.

“The internet economy is built on surveillance: companies collecting your personal information and selling it,” said Jesse Keller, Winston ambassador. “If you’re not bothered, you’re not paying attention. Winston lets me opt out – for myself, and my whole family, across all our devices, all at once. It’s a fantastic idea and not a moment too soon.”

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