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GDPR - October 7, 2019

#Privacy: New cybersecurity jobs created in Ireland

Four companies have announced 400 new cybersecurity jobs in Ireland. 

Aflac Incorporate has announced that as part of a multimillion-dollar investment in Northern Ireland, a new Global IT and Cybersecurity Innovation Center will be opening. 

The center will be located in Belfast, and will create 150 new jobs over the next five years, to which all will have an average salary of $55,500. 

Virgil Miller, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Aflac US, said: “We conducted extensive research in Europe to identify a location that not only has the expertise in IT development and cybersecurity to support our business strategy, but also complements our company culture. We believe that we have found that here.”

MetaCompliance, a cybersecurity firm has also announced that 70 new jobs will be created in the Irish city of Derry. The new roles are a part of a $5.5 million expansion plan. 

Additionally American cybersecurity consulting firm, Security Risk Advisors, will create 52 jobs over the next five years. The firm opened its European Headquarters and Security Operations Centre in the Irish city of Kilkenny. 

In December last year Imperva announced that it would generate 220 new jobs due to a new base being created in Belfast. Imperva’s new base was supported by Invest Northern Ireland with £1.4m. 

Invest Northern Ireland has also played a critical role with the new Contrast Security Center, assisting with £786,500 and supporting MetaCompliance with £695,000.

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