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GDPR - December 9, 2019

#Privacy: New cyber “vaccine” promises to stand up to ransomware attacks

LIFARS, a firm specialising in cyber incident response, digital forensics, and security services has announced the release of Cyber Vaccine, a new weapon against one of the most prolific organized crime phenomena of the 21st century – ransomware attacks.

Cyber Vaccine was crafted specifically for the Dridex malware strain, commonly used by the large-scale ransomware campaigns known as BitPaymer and DoppelPaymer.

These campaigns have collected millions of dollars in recent years, crippling large, mid, and even small sized companies across the globe. As businesses try to adjust to this new threat and address the fears of clients and stakeholders, one thing remains clear – the threat is real.

A major leverage for receiving a ransom payment is the victim’s alternative arduous and costly undertaking of rebuilding an infected business infrastructure.  During clean up and rebuild, customers and stakeholders grow agitated because of the business impact caused by the work-stoppage.

Where normally the recovery takes days, weeks, or months, recovery with Cyber Vaccine could potentially happen overnight. And, it just requires one IT member who knows how to administer it.

“Something we’ve seen over and over during incident response cases is a detrimentally lean IT team. Understaffing makes day-to-day cyber hygiene nearly impossible, let alone a full network rebuild after a ransomware attack,” explains LIFARS IR Project Manager.

That common scenario makes Cyber Vaccine even more critical to recovery efforts.  It is fast-acting and thorough, allowing even understaffed IT teams to recover without a full wipe and rebuild of all the infected systems. “It takes a virus to kill a virus,” explains LIFARS CEO Ondrej Krehel, “Cyber Vaccine is the new offensive measure in malware eradication.”

When asked why LIFARS is offering Cyber Vaccine as open source, the malware researcher who created it, dubbed mwlac, explains “It is important that we all work together to fight these criminal groups. The less threat intelligence we share, the worse off we all are and the more money the criminals make.”

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