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GDPR - February 11, 2020

#Privacy: Most US cybersecurity dealers say smart home devices increase cost and complexity

New security dealer research from Parks Associates shows smart home devices are adding cost and complexity for dealers in the security industry, where 62% of all dealers report that smart home devices increase their support costs.

Security Dealer Survey reports 22% of dealers most frequently employ a truck roll to resolve smart home support requests, which would severely impact their bottom line.

The research analyzes the results of a survey of installers/dealers employed by security firms installing security systems in US households, including top challenges, intended product offerings, and factors related to interactive services.

“Twenty-eight percent of dealers find it very difficult to integrate smart home devices with a security system,” said Dina Abdelrazik, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates.

“Dealers accept that they need to expand their offerings to include smart home devices in order to succeed, increase RMR potential, and compete effectively. Consumers’ desire for smart home devices integrated with the system calls on dealers to expand their expertise so that they ensure proper installation and minimize support costs. There is also pressure on manufacturers to continue to improve the installation and operation of their products.”

“DIY systems are gaining momentum in the security industry, but they still are a minority of system types sold,” Abdelrazik said.

“With increasing demand, combined with competition from new market entrants, security dealers are forced to consider whether or not to add DIY solutions to their business. To implement a DIY business model successfully, dealers must position such a system effectively alongside their traditional, professionally installed offerings and highlight the differences clearly to their customers.”

Additional research findings:

  • 85% of all broadband households with a security system are professionally monitored.
  • 36% of all dealers find that DIY systems cut into the demand for their professionally installed systems.
  • 14% of dealers spend more than $500 a year to serve and retain an existing customer.

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