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GDPR - February 6, 2020

#Privacy: Mayor of Racine refuses to pay ransomware demand

The City of Racine, Wisconsin, has become the latest victim of a ransomware attack after being struck on Friday. 

The city’s computer systems were infected with ransomware on Friday morning, subsequently payment, email and voicemail systems were knocked offline. 

Racine Mayor Cory Mason said in a news conference, that it appears that none of the city’s backup data, which includes personal identification information and files, has been breached. 

The city has not received a ransom demand, however Mayor Mason said: “While we have received this ransomware in our system, we have not received a specific ransomware request. And, if we did receive such a request, we would not pay it.”

Mayor Mason added that the city is working with a cyber security insurance provider to investigate the incident, and create a plan for restoring and recovering the systems without spreading the ransomware further. 

Despite the attack impacted over 700 city employees, the city’s library and emergency dispatch departments are functioning normally.

Relevant authorities have been notified about the attack, and an investigation is to be launched into how the attack occurred and to find who is behind the attack. 

Earlier this month, Tillamook County, a US state of Oregon was also struck by a ransomware attack which resulted in its county computers being shut down. 

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