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GDPR - February 21, 2020

#Privacy: Max Schrems files complaint against Amazon

Max Schrems, head of None Of Your Business (noyb), has announced the not-for-profit organisation is to file a complaint to the German data protection authority over data protection standards at Amazon.

According to the NGO, Amazon is at fault due to a major lapse in data security. If found guilty, the retail giant could face fines in excess of $4 billion.

Noyb maintains that Amazon is in breach of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) because its email servers, used to support direct communication between third-party sellers on the platform and consumers, do not accommodate baseline industry encryption in some instances.

An official statement read:

“Noyb submitted a complaint to the supervisory authority of the state of Hessia in Germany on behalf of an Amazon seller.”

Noyb delivered the complaint to the data protection authority (DPA) in the German state of Hessia, as it was the seller’s location, Schrems said. Amazon also has its European headquarters in Luxembourg, which means the Luxembourg DPA is likely to look into the situation too.

To date, regulators in Europe have been active in leveraging the GDPR against tech giants located in the States. In this current instance, companies guilty of the worst breaches of data can face fines of up to 4% of global revenue. Last year, Amazon reported sales of $280 billion.

Austrian lawyer, Schrems is known as the man who took on Facebook and won, following a landmark ruling in 2015 which brought the Europe – US Safe Harbour data transfer arrangement to an end.

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