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GDPR - November 19, 2019

#Privacy: Louisiana state government systems struck by ransomware

Multiple state websites have been forced to shut down following a ransomware attack on the state government of Louisiana.

In a series of tweets on Monday afternoon, Louisiana governor, John Bel Edwards revealed that The Office of Technology Services (OTS) identified a cybersecurity threat that impacted some state servers. 

“OTS immediately initiated its security protocols and, out of an abundance of caution, took state servers down, which impacted many state agencies’ e-mail, websites and other online applications,” said Edwards. 

Edwards added that the service interruption was a result of OTS’ aggressive response to prevent and avoid any additional infection of state servers “and not due to the attempted ransomware attack.”

Online services started to come back yesterday afternoon, however full restoration may take several days. 

Louisiana’s OTS reported that the attack is “similar” to an attack that impacted Louisiana schools in July, which resulted in the Governor declaring a state of emergency.

In a statement, the governor’s commissioner of administration, Jay Dardenne said: “No one is immune to these attempted cyber attacks, which is why Governor Edwards’ has focused on building Louisiana’s cybersecurity capabilities.”

“Our experts train and prepare for these types of incidents and have been successful in mitigating similar issues in the past, including this summer when our teams successfully brought services back online following the cyber attack on local schools. We have confidence in our cyber safeguards, capabilities and personnel and we are working to bring as many online services back online as quickly as we can.”

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