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GDPR - September 23, 2019

#privacy: Less than one third of workers receive annual cyber-security training

New research reveals that just 31% of employees are given training to help bolster data protection and cyber-security in companies in North America.

The Third Annual Cyber Report conducted by Dynata on behalf of Chubb, highlights how educating employees is of fundamental importance to small businesses as they bid to combat cyber threats in the online domain.

But despite increasing instances of cyber-attack and data breaches in recent times, the survey suggests that there is huge room for improvement regarding the training that staff receive to help mitigate the dangers of web-based crime.

Chubb’s report was conducted to gain a better understanding of what individual consumers and workers think about the risks of cyber-attacks, while learning about the measures being taken to offset these risks.

Complacency seems to be an issue for many small companies, who neglect cyber-security at their peril – small companies are proven to be more likely to go out of business as a result of suffering a cyber-attack. The best weapon smaller enterprises have at their disposal is education – making staff aware through training and refresher courses about how to strengthen cyber-security standards and to stay alert to the potential for criminal intrusion on a daily basis.

In a press release, Fran O’Brien, Division President of Chubb North America Personal Risk Services, said:

“When it comes to your cybersecurity, there’s no such thing as being over-prepared. While it’s important that the vast majority of respondents remain concerned about a breach, concern itself isn’t enough. Individuals often say their lack of cybersecurity action is because it seems too time-consuming in the moment.

“But implementing cyber safeguards today will save time and financial resources tomorrow, should a breach occur.”

Within the study, 70% of those polled said that their firm has “excellent” or “good” cyber-security practices, while just over a third (31%) of respondents said that they undergo company-wide training or updates from their employer.

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