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GDPR - January 9, 2020

#Privacy: Las Vegas experiences cyber attack 

The City of Las Vegas has announced that it suffered a cyber attack in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

On the same day that the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 launched, city officials were notified around 4:30am about unusual activity. 

After detecting the intrusion, IT staff immediately took steps to protect impacted systems, to which the city took several services offline, including its public website. 

Details about the nature of the incident has been disclosed, however, City spokesperson David Riggleman said that it is likely that threat actors gained access to the city’s network via email.

In a statement published on Twitter on Wednesday, the city confirmed that it had resumed full operations “with all data systems functioning as normal.”

“Thanks to our software security systems and fast action by out IT staff, we were fortunate to avoid what had the potential to be a devastating situation.”

The city added that it did not believe that any data had been lost from its systems and that no personal data was stolen. 

Riggleman stated that city’s emails may be affected due to an investigation into the attack.

Major US cities including Atlanta, New Orleans and Baltimore have suffered ransomware attack over the past two years, to which it has taken months to recover, and millions of dollars being spent to rebuild and secure IT networks.

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