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GDPR - February 7, 2020

#Privacy: Japanese defense contractors discloses security breach

The Defense Ministry has announced that Japanese defense-related companies, Kobe Steel Ltd and Paso Corporation, were victims of a series of cyber attacks. 

According to the ministry, the aerial survey firm Pasco and steelmaker Kobe Steel had their internal networks accessed illegally in May 2018 and June 2015/August 2016, respectively. 

In addition, both the companies’ computer systems had been infected by malware. 

An official statement issued by Pasco stated that as of yet no information leakage has been discovered. In comparison, a statement by Kobe Steel does not mention if any data was exposed or not. 

However, a report by Nikkei, said that 250 files containing information related to the Ministry of Defense and personal information were compromised. It has not been confirmed what particular data was leaked. 

“We will work to further enhance information security. We deeply apologize for causing much inconvenience and concern to those involved,” said Kobe Steel. 

During a press conference on January 31, Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono stated that Pasco and Kobe Steel were the last of the four defense-related firms that were hacked between 2016 and 2019. 

The other two defense-related firms were Mitsubishi Electric and NEC. In January, Mitsubishi Electric disclosed that it had detected unauthorised access on June 28, 2019, which led to the exposure of nearly 200MB of data being stolen. 

In the case of NEC, more than 20,000 files containing proposals to the Ministry of Defense were illegally accessed. 

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