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GDPR - February 20, 2020

#Privacy: ISS World struck by cyber-attack

A cyber-attack against a leading provider of facility services, ISS World, has resulted in its websites being down since Monday. 

ISS, which provides catering, cleaning, security and other services, became the target of a malware attack on February, 17. 

As part of the company’s standard operating procedure and as a precautionary measure, ISS immediately disabled all access to shared IT services across its sites and countries – ensuring the isolation of the incident. 

In a statement, the company wrote: “The root cause has been identified and we are working with forensic experts, our hosting provider and a special external task force to gradually restore our IT systems. Certain systems have already been restored.”

ISS added that there has been no indication that customer data has been compromised. 

The attack has left 43,000 of the company’s UK employees with no access to their emails. 

“We are currently estimating when IT systems will be fully restored and are assessing any potential financial impact.”

The UK’s National Crime Agency has said that it is working with partners to “assess any UK impact.”

“Security, in all its forms, is a top priority for ISS, and we remain committed to protecting the integrity of our systems,” ISS said.

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