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GDPR - December 17, 2019

 #Privacy: Instagram launches new AI warning system 

Instagram has launched a new feature that will notify users when their captions on a photo or video may be considered offensive. 

The feature has been designed to combat online bullying which has progressively got worse on numerous social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. 

“As part of our long-term commitment to lead the fight against online bullying, we’ve developed and tested AI that can recognize different forms of bullying on Instagram,” said Instagram in a statement

If a caption is deemed offensive, users will be given a chance to “pause and reconsider their words before posting.”

The user will be offered three options: to edit the caption, to learn about why the comment is deemed objectionable, or to share it anyway. 

Earlier this year, Instagram started notifying users when comments they made were considered offensive before being posted, to which Instagram stated that results have been promising. 

“We’ve found that these types of nudges can encourage people to reconsider their words when given a chance.”

The feature has been rolled out in “select countries”, however Instagram plans to expand the feature globally in the coming months. 

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