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GDPR - November 26, 2019

#Privacy: Hidden cameras found at Arizonian gas pumps

Hidden cameras are now being found on gas pumps with a Bluetooth card skimmer. 

In a post by KrebsOnSecurity, hidden cameras are being discovered on gas pumps through a fake panel. A pinhole camera is angled towards the gas pumps card machine, to record debit and credit card customers entering their pin.

Despite the PIN pad being encrypted, the hidden camera sidesteps the security feature. 

Detective Matt Jogodka of the Last Vegas Police Department wrote in a message to a mailing list about skimming devices found on the fuel pumps: The PIN is encrypted, so this is a NEW way to capture the PIN.”

In reference to a compromised fuel pump, it is explained that the threat actor was able to get inside the machine and install a Bluetooth-based circuit board that can transfer stolen card data wirelessly. 

This then allow thieves to drive by any time and download all the card data remotely from a device.

Earlier this year, the US city of San Antonio was dealing with a surge of pump skimming scam, whereby skimmers are hidden within pumps. 

More news to come.

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