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GDPR - December 16, 2019

#Privacy: Hacker compromises smart home device scaring family

A video has surfaced online of a young girl talking to a hacker in her bedroom through a compromised Ring security camera. 

Just four days after a US family installed the Ring security camera onto their 8-year-old daughters home, the built-in speaker started playing unsettling music into the empty bedroom. 

When the daughter, Alyssa, checked on the music, a man started speaking to her. At one point the male hacker asked: “I’m Santa Claus. Don’t you want to be my best friend?”

It was discovered that a hacker had gained access to the family’s Ring security system through either a credential stuffing attack, or managing to crack or guess the account password. 

The family unplugged the camera and reported the incident to both Ring and to the police. Since then, the family has been contacted by the FBI and by Ring’s chief operating officer, Jon Irwin. 

A Ring spokeswoman said in a statement on Saturday that the incident was due to hackers gaining login credentials, and that “no evidence of an unauthorised intrusion or compromise of Ring’s systems or network.”

Ring has been sending emails all weekend to its customers informing them to use multifactor authentication. 

“Unfortunately, we’re so reliant on passwords at this point, but passwords are absolutely the weakest link,” said Tim Weber, security services director for ADNET Technologies in Farmington, Conn. 

Users are urged to avoid reusing passwords, as they may have been compromised from a previous data breach without them even knowing. 

Sadly, this incident is not the only one to happen. Just last week a hacker had yelled obscenities and woke up a woman sleeping in the basement. In Cape Coral, one family told NBC 2 that a hacker could be heard naming their son a “baboon” through the Ring Security camera.

Kiri Addison, head of data science overwatch at Mimecast told Infosecurity Magazine: “Children are uniquely vulnerable to influence or coercion via technology and this is something every parent should be conscious of as of the sophistication of these often seemingly innocuous connectable devices increases.”

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