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GDPR - January 15, 2020

#Privacy: Grindr accused of sharing users’ data

The Norwegian Consumer Council has filed three complaints against Grindr, and five other adtech companies that collect personal data through the apps.

A new report published by the government-funded nonprofit organization in Oslo found that the dating app Grindr was sharing detailed user data with a vast number of third parties that are involved in profiling and advertising. 

The shared data included age, gender, GPS location, IP address and Advertising ID. The app describes itself as the “largest social networking app” for members of the LGBTQ community, therefore by sharing the fact that a user has the app it can give an indication of their sexual orientation. 

The report notes that Grindr’s privacy policy states that it will share certain user and device data with third parties, however, the dating app only names one such advertising partner. In addition, it is not clear about the legal basis for how it processes personal data, thus making it hard for a user to understand and properly consent. 

“The extent of tracking and complexity of the adtech industry is incomprehensible to consumers, meaning that individuals cannot make informed choices about how their personal data is collected, shared and used,” the report says. 

A GDPR complaint has been filed with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority by the Norwegian Consumer Council. The privacy group NYOB has said that it also aims to file a complaint with the Austrian Data Protection Authority soon. 

This isn’t the first time Grindr is facing complaints about its data collection processes. In 2018, Grindr had been found sharing users’ HIV-status with third party analytics. Soon after this was made public, Grindr claimed that it had ended the practice The following year in 2019, researchers exposed how the dating app could be utilised to pinpoint the location of users.

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