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GDPR - October 30, 2019

#Privacy: GitHub blocks Spanish users from protest app

Microsoft-owned GitHub has acted on a takedown request from the Spanish military police by blocking Spanish users from accessing the app.

The protestors, known as the Tsunami Democràtic group, used GitHub to develop tools to organise protest action, as well as encrypted communication app.

Those using the app can see upcoming protests relevant to their location – thus making it different to the one-to-one broadcasts that the Tsunami Democràtic broadcast on Telegram, the messaging app.

A source told TechCrunch that the app also includes instructions on how protests are intended to be coordinated, such as fake shopping sprees in supermarkets with protestors abandoning their carts stocked up with products.

In its takedown request, the Spanish authorities describe the Tsunami Democràtic group as “a criminal organization driving people to commit terrorist attacks,” with their mains goals being to coordinate riots.

Following the request, GitHub blocked the app. A spokesman said: “Although we may not always agree with those laws, we may need to block content if we receive a valid request from a government official so that our users in that jurisdiction may continue to have access to GitHub to collaborate and build software.”

This is not the first time a company has had to remove an app that was associated with protests. Earlier this month, Apple removed an app that was utilised by the protesters in Hong Kong to track police movements.

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