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GDPR - December 10, 2019

#Privacy: FTC advises customers to check smart toys before purchasing

The Federal Trade Commission has released a list of recommendations parents should read before buying internet-connected toys. 

The recommendations provide parents with tips to check a connected toy’s set of features and allow them to take the appropriate steps to minimise any potential threats. 

The recommendations include questions which bring to light possible issues that could occur such as “Does the toy come with a camera or microphone? What will it be recording, and will you know when the camera or microphone is on?”

A toy that is improperly secured and vulnerable could become a spying device due to its recording capabilities. By knowing these features, parents can prevent a dangerous situation from occurring. 

“Does the toy let your child send emails or connect to social media accounts?”

Many parents do not realise that a threat actor could potentially communicate to their children through a connected toy, thus luring them into bad situations. In turn, with social media accounts it is important to consider the risk of oversharing personal information such as postal addresses and phone numbers.

In addition, it is vital that consumers know what information is collected by a connected toy and if it shared with a third party.

“If the toy collects personal information from your child who’s under 13 years old, the toy company has to tell you about its privacy practices, ask for your consent, protect and secure collected data, and give you the right to have your child’s personal information deleted,” said the FTC.

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