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GDPR - October 15, 2019

#Privacy: French media giant hit by ransomware

Groupe M6 has confirmed that on Saturday morning it was struck by a ransomware attack.

As a result of the ransomware attack, phone lines and email servers are currently down, but fortunately due to the staff’s speedy response the attack did not affect the company’s TV and radio channels.

In an announcement published on Twitter Groupe M6 wrote:

“The quick and efficient intervention of our cybersecurity experts has made it possible to continue to ensure the smooth broadcasting of the programs on all our TV and radio antennas.”

Following the announcement, a fellow TV station TF1 has forbidden its employees to communicate with M6 employees, for fear they might get infected as well.

Earlier in September, Entercom, the biggest radio broadcaster in the US was also hit by a ransomware infection which shut down internal networks for almost two weeks.

Alex Guirakhoo, strategic intelligence analyst at Digital Shadows told Infosec that ransomware attacks have increasingly become more targeted:

“Future attacks are likely to forgo indiscriminate, widespread targeting in favour of more tailored and specific distribution methods.

“As organisations continue to pay high extortion demands, sometimes reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, cyber-criminals are likely to continue perceiving ransomware as a lucrative opportunity.”

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