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GDPR - December 16, 2019

#Privacy: Facial recognition technology tricked by photographs and masks

In a test conducted by artificial intelligence company Kneron, masks and photographs were found to fool facial recognition technology, raising security concerns. 

The test involved tricking facial recognition terminals into allowing access or payment. Kneron researchers were able to gain access to the self-boarding terminal at Schiphol Airport, in the Netherlands, by tricking the sensor with a photo displayed on a phone screen. 

Using the same trick, researchers were also able to gain access to the rail stations in China, where commuters use facial recognition to board trains and pay their fare. 

In stores in Asia, where the use of facial recognition technology is widespread, researchers were able to trick payment system AliPay and WeChat into making purchases by using high quality 3D masks. 

Researchers were able to deceive the system using the masks, as the facial recognition system already contained an image of the person on who the mask was based on. It should be noted that “such fraud is unlikely to be widespread because the ones used in the experiment were obtained from specialty mask makers in Japan. But the San Diego-based company notes the technique could be used to defraud famous or wealthy individuals,” wrote Fortune

“This shows the threat to the privacy of users with sub-par facial recognition that is masquerading as “AI”.” Kneron’s CEO Albert Liu said. “The technology is available to fix these issues but firms have not upgraded it. They are taking shortcuts at the expense of security.”

Kneron noted that its tests could not deceive the facial recognition technology used on Apple’s iPhone X.

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