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GDPR - October 16, 2019

#Privacy: Facebook’s damaged reputation nosedives as #deletefacebook trends

Social media is prickling with the deletefacebook hashtag as users learn of Mark Zuckerberg’s informal meetings with conservative politicians and right-wing figures in the US.

According to the news website, Politico, the encounters began as far back as July. The revelations come as Facebook continues to suffer from the fallout of a series of high-profile data breaches.

Writing publically on the social network, Mr Zuckerberg confessed to having had “dinners with lots of people across the spectrum” in a bid to learn from a number of different viewpoints. The Facebook supremo has come under fire from Politico, which accuses him of making efforts “to cultivate friends on the right”.

Facebook was accused of censorship by US president Donald Trump in May of this year, after the platform banned a number of right-wing voices, including that of the infamous conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones.

Presently, #deletefacebook has been trending on social media as users air their distrust of the platform and highlight Facebook’s failures to take down offensive content to help slow the spread of disinformation online.

Business journalist, Matthew Gwyther, tweeted:

“Facebook will have real issues if people start refusing to use it because there’s a sense that the firm isn’t doing the right thing.”

Chair of Students for Donald Trump, Ryan Fournier, said:

“Mark Zuckerberg had meetings with conservative politicians and commentators… in an effort to make the platform less biased.”

Other users simply observed how more and more negative stories about Facebook seem to be coming out “every day”.

The deletefacebook hashtag last trended in March 2018, after news broke of Facebook’s murky data-sharing relationship with UK data intelligence firm, Cambridge Analytica.

In the aftermath of the scandal, Mark Zuckerberg’s firm was hit with a $5bn fine by the US Federal Trade Commission in July. The financial penalty is considered to be the largest ever of its kind leveraged against any company for being in violation of consumer privacy rights.

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