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GDPR - February 19, 2020

#Privacy: Facebook ordered to strengthen data protection measures in Colombia

Facebook has been ordered to implement useful and effective security measures to protect more than 31 million Colombian users’ personal data. 

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC)  has issued an order requiring Facebook Colombia SAS to guarantee the security of the personal data of more than 31 million Colombian users by adopting new measures and improving existing ones. 

In addition to the order, SIC concluded that Facebook Colombia SAS business model is based on the collection, use, and circulation of the information that Facebook  provides, and is responsible for the processing of personal data of Facebook users in Colombia. 

“A company as decisive in the cybersecurity of the world as it is Facebook, because of the quantity and quality of information it handles, it has the duty to be more than diligent in the Processing of Data, in order to guarantee the protection of people and your privacy. Therefore, that company should not save efforts to improve the levels of security required by regulation for all users of that digital social network,” the SIC wrote in a press release.

Facebook Colombia SAS has until June 14, 2020 to implement useful, effective security measures that avoid; unauthorised or fraudulent access, unauthorised or fraudulent use; unauthorised or fraudulent consultation; unauthorised or fraudulent adulteration; and unauthorised or fraudulent loss. 

The company will also have to certify its actions before the SIC through an external audit firm.

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