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GDPR - November 14, 2019

#Privacy: Facebook bug accesses iPhone’s camera

Users have raised great concern over Facebook’s iPhone app turning on the camera in the background whilst scrolling down their feed.

Multiple users took to Twitter to express their concerns, reporting that the app had switched on and run their iPhone’s rear camera.

Joshua Maddux, owner of 95Visual, discovered the bug and took to Twitter to report the discovery. In a screen recording, the camera appears behind the Facebook app as he scrolls through his new feed.

Software tester @neo_qa tweeted in November 2 about the bug: “Today while watching a video on @facebook, I rotated to landscape and could see the Facebook/ Instagram Story UI for a split second. When rotating back to portrait, the Story camera/UI opened entirely. A little worrying…”

Guy Rosen, vice president of integrity at Facebook tweeted that they had discovered that the iOS app incorrectly launched in landscape.

“In fixing that last week in v246 we inadvertently introduced a bug where the app partially navigates to the camera screen when a photo is tapped. We have no evidence of photos/videos uploaded due to this.”

A fix for the bug was submitted to the App Store, but until approved users have been advised to revoke camera access for the Facebook app until an update is available.

Dr. Richard Gold, head of security engineering at Digital Shadows told Infosecurity Magazine: “Bugs such as these erode the already fragile trust between companies and the public, even though their origin might be completely innocuous.”

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