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GDPR - November 1, 2019

#Privacy: Emotet trojan is celebrating Halloween

The infamous malware is sending out new spam emails inviting users to a Halloween party.

Emotet is known to spread through spam emails containing malicious documents, to which the trojan is installed onto the victim’s computer and additional malware is also installed. This then sends out even more spam from the computer.

With the new email template the main concept is that the recipient is invited to a Halloween party:

“Please join us for a casual dinner party on Halloween night, Oct.31, 2019 starting at 6:00pm. Come and say hello to your neighbors and enjoy some food and drinks.

“We are looking forward to a fun day and kindly respond with an email to make sure we have enough TREAT for you. Details in the attachment.”

The email contains a word document that is allegedly the invite. Once opened, the user is greeted with the usual “Enable Content”, however when a user clicks on it the Emotet Trojan is installed on the computer.

In it’s annual Nastiest Malware list Webroot reported that Emotet, was the most prevalent malware in 2018 and had continued its dominance into 2019.

Despite a brief shutdown in June, Emotet resurfaced in September as one of the largest botnet delivering various payloads.

Users should be wary when opening documents and emails from an unknown sender.

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