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GDPR - December 19, 2019

#Privacy: Digital Advertising Alliance begins onboarding companies to facilitate CCPA compliance

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) has officially launched the onboarding process for companies across the digital advertising supply chain to use its California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Opt-Out Tools.

The DAA’s CCPA Opt-Out Tools provide consumers a clear and recognisable mechanism to express cross-industry choices around the sale of their personal information.

“The digital advertising industry is constantly changing, and the Digital Advertising Alliance has helped companies keep pace by regularly updating our guidance and our tools to address new technologies, business models, and regulatory requirements,” said Lou Mastria, Executive Director of the DAA.

“By leveraging our deep expertise and broad consumer recognition, the DAA has been able to quickly develop and deploy new CCPA Opt-Out Tools for use by the ad industry. We’re seeing tremendous interest in adoption, and we will continue to educate the industry about how to use them for both CCPA purposes and to adhere to consumer expectations.”

The DAA announced that its web- and app-based tools are expected to go live on January 1, 2020, as the new law takes effect. Consumers will be able to access the tools through standardized CCPA-specific links on publisher sites and apps that include a new green icon similar to the existing YourAdChoices and PoliticalAds icons.

The web tool also can be accessed directly at www.privacyrights.info, while the app will be available through the major app stores and the DAA’s YourAdChoices site.

The web-based tool will enable consumers to express an opt out from sale of their personal information, including its use for interest-based advertising, by companies that collect data across sites and are offering a CCPA opt out to the sale of information through the tools. (An app version of the tool will provide the same breadth of control for companies in the in-app world).

The DAA is educating its participating companies about the process and steps needed to integrate the tools through a series of webinars, emails, and direct engagement. Companies interested in using the DAA’s CCPA Opt-Out Tools can get more information at www.privacyrights.info.

While the DAA’s tools contain notice requirements for publishers, the CCPA Opt-Out Tools are designed to provide the ability for consumers to opt-out of the sale of personal information by third party businesses integrated into these tools across sites/apps where they may be collecting such data.

Publishers should seek their own technical tools to help them meet their requirements under the DAA’s guidelines and the CCPA itself.

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